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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Since SFE formed in July 2020 they have been leading the way in cutting edge inclusive programming, overhauling outdated and discriminatory traditions.


We believe our role as modern day musicians is to shine a new light on lost voices through our performances and enrich further the vast repertoire of string ensemble music.




We are a community made up of Scotland’s top freelance musicians, supporting each other to keep our art alive.

Born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created this ensemble as a way to continue creating music together and engaging with audiences while providing a community of support for one another.

Beautiful Landscape


We are Carbon neutral - Unlike many chamber groups in Scotland, SFE players are all based within a 50mile vicinity of each other, within Glasgow’s central belt. Despite many of our members training outside Scotland at the likes of Colburn Institute (LA), Europe and London, all our members must be permanent residents of Scotland. We believe local is best!

Glass of Milk


We believe you, our audience, provide a vital role in the development of this organisation. With regular contact through our monthly newsletter and audience chats on our virtual concerts, we welcome everyone to celebrate a new direction for classical music. 

Reading a Book


We question and seek to change outdated and unhelpful systems of hierarchy in Classical music.

We are a grassroots organisation, set up to help support out freelance musicians. This means your donations go directly to our players and to SFE composer commissions. We do not pay for an office space, nor do we have an admin structure requiring fees. Every penny you donate goes straight to the player. We believe in reflecting the times we live in with the work we do.

Above the Clouds


We believe quality within the arts should not require a large price tag and should not remain exclusively for the rich and elite. Music is for all, and should be accessible to everyone.


You can watch all our concerts for free with optional donations for those who are able. We believe that by having the option to view all our concerts online, we can provide greater accessibility for those in rural locations and those who cannot access a concert hall, as well as allowing us to reach audiences worldwide.

Red Wall & Stairs


We support Scotland's finest young composers by actively seeking out and commissioning their music.


We believe in nurturing the talent of these young composers and professionals by performing their music and collaborating together to create bespoke new works and arrangements for our string ensemble.

White Structure


We utilise technology so we can record music together no matter what the circumstances. We are adaptable and agile, and work with a blueprint that will allow us to always allow us to continue making music together safely.

"The last year has been an isolating one for so many people, and a tough time to work as a musician. Playing in orchestras and ensembles is more than a job- it’s an opportunity to express yourself and connect with others, both audiences and fellow musicians, coming together to create performances that are greater than the sum of their parts. Life without the energy and emotional release of live performance has been very strange.

I relish the freedom and variety that being freelance affords, but lockdown has also highlighted the pitfalls. SFE has provided a sense of solidarity and support during this time, enabling freelance players to continue making music together; but perhaps more crucially fostering a sense of togetherness and community between us which I’m very grateful for."

Sonia - Cellist, Scottish Freelancers Ensemble

"With everything cancelled, at times it’s been incredibly difficult to even take the violin out of its case. SFE has given me a reason to do so and something to look forward to, as well as providing a sense of community and solidarity. It’s been great to play and hear works by composers who rarely, or never, get heard, as well as new works. It’s such a pleasure to be able to do this with wonderful friends and colleagues."

Kirstin - Violinist, Scottish Freelancers Ensemble

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