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It has been so wonderful being part of the SFE over the past year. One of the hardest things over lockdown has been not seeing colleagues and friends. Being part of the SFE has made me feel connected to them as we prepared our recordings. “Seeing” everyone on the screen, playing fantastic music together has helped keep me positive and I can’t wait to finally be able to do just that in person! I am so grateful to Katrina, Alice & the team who have worked so hard creating and developing this project. You  have made a very real and positive difference. 

May - Double Bassist, Scottish Freelancers Ensemble

The creation of the SFE has brought our amazing community closer together at an extremely difficult time. They have created a much needed support network and further performance opportunities for Scotland’s freelance musicians. Born of creativity in kindness allowing us the space and support to keep our art alive.

Andrew - Cellist, Scottish Freelancers Ensemble

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