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Wed 18th Aug 2021 

Pablo Martinez 'Humming to the Burning Land'

Wed 25th Aug 2021 

Amit Anand 'The Two Seasons'

Wed 1st Sept 2021 

Lisa Robertson 'Amidst the rising tides - we rise.'

Wed 8th Sept 2021 

Scott Manson 'Meditation and Celebration'

“Humming to the burning land is a reflection on the environmental problems present in the last decade such as wildfires. Some of its materials are inspired by the song style of Forró which is popular in Brazil and whose lyrical content usually deals with nostalgia and land abandonment. 


The relationship between melody and harmony is correlated to the way the fire spreads through the forest and melts the wildlife into ashes and the variations of timbre represent the different stages of massive fires.”

Pablo Martinez

"To find the inspiration for the structure of the composition, I asked myself how are all these related to the present situation where mankind is facing the greatest dangers of climate change? Out of the 6 themes in the composition, Heat and Rain are the longest movements represented by dissonant harmonies formed by the notes of the raga. The other themes serve as a memory of the wonderful times they bring for short durations in a year. When you hear the music written for winter, you will notice that the motifs get choppy by the end of the movement, metaphorizing the disappearance of winter if global warming continues. 


Before I conclude, I would like to mention a bit about the legends of Tansen who is one of the greatest exponents of Hindustani classical music. Legend has it that Tansen could ignite fire by performing Raag Deepak or could invite Rain by performing Megh-Malhar, the ragas for summer and monsoon respectively. 


Based on Tansen’s Legends, if Raagas have the power to change the balance in nature and provide something that we are lacking, then can there be musical frequencies that can reverse the effects of Climate change? It is too good to be true. I do hope that this baseless dream for a better future is indeed true."

Amit Anand

We rise up from the ashes,

Whilst still the ashes rise.

From embers, we fill with fire,

Whilst still the oceans fill.

Like hopeful currents, we swell,

Growing together, strong,

Into a wave of unity: a movement,

To meet the rising tides.

Lisa Robertson

Meditation and Celebration

Scott Manson

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